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Hi there!  You’ve followed this link from… somewhere — and either you like the theme and you want to install it, or you just accidentally hit the link at the bottom of someone’s tumblr and you’ve no idea what you’re doing here.  If it’s the former, then thanks and enjoy!  If it’s the latter, well, I can understand that — I end up at odd ends of the internet all the time.

A little about the theme.  The (Happy()Sad) diagram is based on a T-shirt that I designed and Rich Stevens did all the heavy lifting to make and put on sale.  We’ve got really great friends, so the tee got some amazing (thank you everyone) twitter and blog feedback really fast, and it was right around the time I started seeing people saying “I wish I could add my own text” that I realized it might make a pretty fun tumblr theme.

So here we are.  This is a dead simple theme that you can load and customize to your heart’s content.  I know that some people go a little cross-eyed with green-on-black, so the theme’s set to work on a white bg, too (just change it from the appearance tab in the customize theme screen, though you probably want to change the link-hover color while you’re in there, as yellow on white is just aas blinding). And, yes, links are sad until you hover over them.  That just seemed right.

The (Happy()Sad) Theme is currently queuing its way through Tumblr’s Theme Garden submission process, but you can install it now by going here.

(Happy()Sad) Diagram Shirt, via the Diesel Sweeties Store.

(Happy()Sad) Diagram Shirt, via the Diesel Sweeties Store.

I’m not sure how the universe has withstood Rich Stevens (DIESEL SWEETIES) and Ariana Osborne (SHIVERING SANDS, this site, designing various things of mine at Avatar) teaming up to produce a t-shirt, of all things…

— Warren Ellis

I’m Ariana Osborne, and I’ve gone a bit mad with making things lately. There’s this theme and the T-shirt it’s based on, for starters. But then there’s also the T-Shirts of the Week that Warren Ellis and I are putting out every week until he runs out of ideas or my brain explodes. And then, of course, under our joint guise as International Electrophonic Unit, Warren and I just published Shivering Sands, collecting seven years of his online writing all in one lovely little book for you to treasure forever.

And that’s just been November.